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Mobile Meditator™ The first fully inflatable meditation cushion now available in the UK and Europe.mobile meditator™photo of lady sitting on mobile meditator meditation cushion in tranquil green settingDesigned by meditators for meditators – and for anyone who sits on the ground. Mobile Meditator™ is ready for everyday use: daily meditations, trekking in the Himalayas, backpacking, camping, sitting on the beach, attending a class, or just hanging out. It is durable enough for every day use and can be used outdoors.


• Three separate adjustable, inflatable air chambers
• Fully adjustable to suit each sitter’s preference
• Distributes weight evenly
• Alleviates pressure on knees, hips, ankles and aids circulation
• Improves posture and balance
• Sloped design keeps the spine straight
• Durable flocked fabric prevents slipping
• Stable yet soft and body conforming for enhanced relaxation
mobile meditator meditation cushion photo with noted on each inflatable compartmentSit in comfort anywhere, any place,
any time!

‘Absolutely fantastic aid to my meditation - so portable I take mine everywhere’
S Jones

"This cushion is what I have been looking for these last ten years. It is really easy to adjust to different anatomical requirements and takes up no space in the suitcase or pack."
Marianne - Denmark

“This is a very practical, comfortable and sturdy cushion. Great for the mobile meditator.”
Pemala - France

“This is a terrific zafu. It's robust and perfectly shaped, and provides a stable seat. It's also fully adjustable.”
R Henderson - USA

“This cushion was created as a travel meditation cushion, but I am finding it is great even for everyday practice. It is very finely made - excellent materials and very sturdy. Best of all, it doesn't leak air and is not wobbly like other inflatable cushions I have tried. Great buy!
E Gonzalez - USA

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Meditate anywhere
on a cushion
of air
photo of lady sitting on mobile meditator meditation cushion

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100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want you to be completely satisfied with your Mobile Meditator™ purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we'll exchange it, replace it or refund your money.
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